Although ANA GLOBAL LLC is a merger of two successful companies, NISHIBA & APON, it is basically a history which started in Kiryu, Japan back in 1953.

 1953 (NISHIBA)       NISHIBA Co. Ltd was founded in Japan
 1987 (NISHIBA)       Nishiba Industries Corporation was founded in USA.
 1988 (NISHIBA)       Industrias Nishiba Plastic and Metal was founded in Mexico.
 1992 (NISHIBA)       Recognized by UL certification
 1998 (APON)       Apon Industries Corporation was founded
 2000 (NISHIBA)      Certified ISO-9000:2000
 2002 (APON)       Apon is certified ISO-9000:2001
 2004 (NISHIBA)       Expansion of Nishiba Plastic
 2004 (NISHIBA)       Acquisition of a third building for Metal
 2005 (NISHIBA)       Registered ISO-14001:1996
 2010 (APON)       Certified ISO-13485
 2010 (APON)       The new molding plant is inaugurated in Nogales, Mexico
 2012       Nishiba Industries Corp and Apon Industries Corp Merged
 2014     Start Thermoset Molding
 2015     Start Irapuato, Guanajuato operation

ANA Global LLC is Born