Plant Size Building: 292,371 sq. ft/27 m2.

Land: 353,751 sq. ft. / 33,329 m2.

24 hours per day running and 7 days / week.

Silk Screen, Hot Stamping, Pad Printing, Electronic Assy, Robotic and manual paint booth

EMCO system and a brief explantation.

In order to provide better service to our customers, ANA Global established its own tool room to perform services as to repair, modify or provide preventive maintenance on site to the injection molds or dies. This helps to save time when any of these services are needed. Our tool room is equipped with milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, CNC sinker EDM, CNC wire EDM, TIG welder, and heat treat oven. All these operated by an experienced team. If new molds are required, we can provide also


  HDPE   Polypropylene
  PA6 & 66, with or without glass fiber   PPE
  Polycarbonate   Polystyrene.
  PBT with or without glass fiber   Other engineering materials.

  High End Furniture.
  Several other type of components.

QTYCapacityBrand          QTYCapacityBrand          QTYCapacity Brand
125SUMITOMO          4130TOYO         4250TOYO
130TOSHIBA          2150TOSHIBA         9250TOSHIBA
240NISSEI          1150TOYO PLASTAR         2275WOOJIN
155TOSHIBA          1150SUMITOMO          1280TOSHIBA
275SUMITOMO          2160NISSEI         2300TOYO
380NISSEI          1160SUMINOTO         1300TOYO PLASTAR
180TOSHIBA          4180TOYO          1310NISSEI
280TOYO          2180TOSHIBA          3310TOSHIBA
285TOSHIBA          3180SUMITOMO          5350TOSHIBA
185SANDRETTO          3190TOSHIBA         2350TOYO
4100SUMITOMO          1220TOSHIBA          1350SUMITOMO
1120HAITAN          6220TOYO         1360KAWAGUCHI
1390TOSHIBA          1400TOSHIBA         2450TOYO
5450TOSHIBA          1450JSW          3500TOSHIBA
1590TOSHIBA          1610TOSHIBA         2650TOSHIBA
1720TOSHIBA          4850TOSHIBA         41300JSW


  • Pad Printing.
  • Silk Screen.
  • Hot Stamping.
  • Ultrasonic welding.
  • Assembly.
  • Single Booth Line.
  • Multiple Painters Line.
  • Automatic (Robot) Line


This is a process commonly used in the molding of large and design challenging parts. With the Gas Assist Injection Molding, the conventional injection molding techniques are utilized in combination with the introduction of gaseous nitrogen. As the injected plastic melt begins to solidify, the nitrogen gas is injected into the melt pressurizing it from the inside out and the internal pressure of the gas pushes the molten material to the extremities of the cavity, then the nitrogen gas is vented, the mold is opened, and the part is ejected.


Wall thickness and resin consumption will decrease the cure time needed for part production. With Gas Assist, less polymer is needed which leads to faster cooling and lower cycle times, allowing the machines to increase part output. Nitrogen gas displaces some of the volume that is normally filled by resin.